Erica Campana

Mortgage Banker

NMLS #2294323
Erica Campana, Mortgage Banker, believes one of the most important components in the mortgage process is patience. But the home buying experience is so exciting! Erica takes the time to thoroughly inspect each step so her clients don’t have to. 
“Meeting new people- both borrowers and their real estate team- is my favorite part of the job. Each scenario is so unique. Being a great listener from the start is the best thing I can do for the process.” 
Erica started out in the mortgage industry as a receptionist and quickly became a processor.  From there, she received her license and spent the next 10+ years as a mortgage banker.  “I believe it’s so important to learn from the bottom up. So, that’s what I did.” If you are looking for a mortgage banker to guide you seamlessly through a completely customized mortgage process, give Erica a call.